In fact, read an article like this a lot, but the idea of each person is different, so today I also came to talk about my views about this particular group. Key words: sense of responsibility and trust in ability to comprehend and command capabilities of toughness make it clear first of all, MT is not a Shuada Pai, get equipment, not to DKP, you can see who dislike Mashui people, if someone have such thoughts, then you can off of this page, because you are not qualified to imagine what will happen, nor qualified to make any comment. A sense of responsibility can also be interpreted wow goldas a sense of mission, and then say it is popular point that "fate", though I had chosen this path to do MT, Congratulations, you have no way to return. Of course, this is only true sense of the MT for example, and who want to mixing equipment, mixing a little-known person who wasted.

 Since trade unions so that you do MT, which is to open up wasteland every BOSS, rolling each one of the most important responsibility of BOSS to you, that is "anti." Whether in a large RAID Nakano D, the largest anti-war Q or T, each of them is a core part of the team, which also means that you try to not be late and can not leave early, during the event can not do anything else, you must is a "Otaku," The only thing you can do is pull up your hatred, in addition to energy and like you have withstood BOSS is always under the premise of the FT as a paranoia Do not wash into the violent or the opening trumpet FB. Also, if, as a rookie, trade unions are willing to train if you do a new MT, then you open-minded point, do not regard themselves as a number of great, others have good ideas you have to listen to the experience of others you have to to be absorbed into their brain, do not see too much their own. A sense of trust, this includes several branches. First, the President and RL on your trust. A trade union, a team selected MT easiest and best way is to find a chairman and RL familiar, because those who are familiar with a better understanding of his ability, on-line time and the personality and other aspects. After all, MT is affecting the whole team's key players, casually go out and shouted a comprehensive channel over the choice of taking office is a very unwise. Therefore, as an MT, you need to know to thank your Pengshang the throne of the man. If you are a newcomer, it should be possible in the daily activities to express themselves, do not over-cautious, the most out of their own ability to color bar shown.


 Second, the team you trust. In the already mentioned above, MT is the core of the team, if team members do not trust you, not to you seriously, then you must ask ourselves why it is so. Caused by this reason the general has the following two: 1. Your own problems in life. Usual arrogant tone of voice to speak and always loved to curse, do not understand the career of their own pointing, working endless industry. This MT My idea is a good president, and his talk, if not the results, directly from another MT it, otherwise it is like a time bomb like that one day there will be team members because of this reason to leave the group. MT on the mad mad, the humility to humility, which is later discussed.  2. New White MT. As a rookie, will inevitably face such embarrassment, after all, just into the trade unions, a lot of people do not know you, you do not know, it will inevitably have you distrust. If you really want to do something for the team to enter the union, then I suggest that you normally can organize everyone to go along with KLZ, ZAM and daily routine as far as availability of time and we chat promote good feeling, and sometimes playing friendship card is more than the ability to play cards more effective. Third, his own confidence. Large number of people will be a kind of a guilty conscience for their ability to feel, will ask themselves in the end have the ability to do that MT, but the very heart wants to do. I would like every one loves this particular occupations MT said: brothers, rest assured that bold to break it, there are 24 teammates behind you to support you, and nowow gold kaufen one is inherently MT of the material, as long as you have confidence in ourselves, then it can become the most powerful shield in your hands. Toughness, the toughness is not a JJC's toughness, but as a MT, should have a condition. Put another way, that is to insist on patience and tolerance there. Patience, the team from the formation to development until the harvest is to go through each of BOSS for a very long time, so you must have enough patience and so on that day to come.


 Patience, for land reclamation of the team, met some of the more complicated the progress of BOSS is easy to card, such as deep-water snake temple F4, the total grams of seamounts, dark face and the Temple of the three blood boiling. These are easily stuck BOSS, as the MT, you have enough patience to bear the progress of time cards, though you are just anti-BOSS, but other professions also have their own pressure, the progress depends on you to push out, not because the card has blocked progress on the casual air not to participate in activities or blamed on others. That is very responsible. Insisted that I rose to 60 from since MT has served this role has been two years, looking from another about 3 to 4 unions, but the prerequisite for trade unions is not my left on the original trade unions, the basic causes of internal conflicts, including trade unions , head to AFK while the dissolution of the union, including a large number of members AFK before TBC situations. I would like to say that the purpose is to tell you that since the MT is necessary to go all the way done for each one before you leave the union to make the greatest contribution you, your name will be on your server so that more people inside aware, this road is of no turning back, I have no choices. Please also carefully considered, not fun for the moment I went into this road.

 Ability to comprehend each BOSS, even every Xiaoguai has its own different style of play, do homework in advance is very important, but how kind of writing from others StrategiesChinaInc and video to experience the play to this very BOSS Key.

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